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Any way to bypass opening cutscenes?
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by Citizen Ironhawk - 4/1/2003 2:50:23 PM

Is there any way to bypass the opening cutscenes when you launch GalCiv? I mean, they were cool the first time thru, but now all I do is clickclickclick until they are finally over and I can play the game. Same thing for the opening cutscene of a new game.

Is there like a command line option or something to disable them? Anything?


#1  by Veteran RustyBlade - 4/1/2003 2:57:40 PM

Just rename the BIK files you want to skip by renaming Intro.bik to say for instance Intro_Disabled.bik . That way it will be easy to put it back if you want. Brad mentioned in the readme that people with slower machines could delete the BIK files to get old computers to run smoother. But I would rather keep a copy of the original with it remamed.

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#2  by Veteran Stevious - 4/1/2003 3:19:59 PM

Besides the Intro.bik RustyBlade mentioned above, you can also rename sf_intro.bik and Colony_Leaving.bik to bypass the Strategy First movie and the other opening cutscene (colony ship being built).

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#3  by Citizen humane - 4/1/2003 3:21:29 PM

I just hit the ESC button and it takes me directly to the main menu.

#4  by Citizen Ironhawk - 4/1/2003 4:08:37 PM

Great, thanks all! I will rename the bik files and see how it goes.

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