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GalCiv Graphic Editing Suite ( release )
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#25  by Veteran Dark Rain - 5/1/2004 1:02:20 AM

Oh, right. I hadn't noticed.

#26  by Senator Drengin - 5/1/2004 2:34:27 AM

Ok for those of you who would like to see the ship created by Dark Rain.....

Hopefully Mr Rain will make this excellent looking ship available for download, along with the instructions on how to include it in your game. Perhaps even how to use it as an additional ship (thinking it would look great for a new type colony ship).

The graphics look great DR

#27  by Senator Drengin - 5/1/2004 2:36:05 AM

btw DR could you please send me a copy of the excellent new ship > 

Thanks in advance

#28  by Veteran Dark Rain - 5/1/2004 3:53:36 AM

Yes, I thought too that it would make a great colony ship ^_^. After I played around with adding some more ships I'm thinking it might be more interesting to make them an alternate Terran graphic ship set.

#29  by Veteran Icho Tolot - 5/1/2004 1:30:22 PM

Nice work.

Now I just need to figure how to do somethinkg like that, without base from another game, caus i do not know any that yould provide me with the designs i think about.

#30  by Senator Drengin - 5/2/2004 6:23:36 AM

I'm thinking it might be more interesting to make them an alternate Terran graphic ship set.

And your first customer is sitting here waiting

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#31  by Veteran Icho Tolot - 5/2/2004 9:03:05 AM

Here is No. 2

#32  by Veteran Dark Rain - 5/2/2004 10:03:37 AM

I won't be able to work on it for a couple of days. I'm going to spend 3-4 days at my gf place after my last final exam today.It *shouldn't* take too much time to make, about 2-3 days. I don't know.

#33  by Citizen Kavok - 5/2/2004 10:03:23 PM

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#34  by Citizen Yuri1971 - 5/5/2004 7:21:02 AM

Must be superb to create a separate models for all the kinds of Colony Ships and Freighters. I would use it to implement new conceptual ships like mines, small and extra small invasion transports, extra long range sensors, bombers, interceptors etc.
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#35  by Veteran Dark Rain - 5/11/2004 4:41:31 PM

I've updated the website and added the second tutorial. It explain in detail how to replace the colony ship graphics with your own custom ones. Link
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#36  by Veteran russellmz2 - 6/2/2004 12:15:12 AM

hey dark rain: can you tell me why the palette files i tried to import don't look the same? when use the sprite editor, the ship looks like a brown blob.

here is what they look like before i open them with your pal program and after: Link

do i need a program other than irfanview to make pal files?

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#37  by Veteran Dark Rain - 6/4/2004 12:38:10 PM

Mmmm it's hard to tell, I've never used irfanview. I'll download it and take a look because I don't really know what could've gone wrong.

#38  by Veteran Dark Rain - 6/4/2004 12:53:36 PM

It worked perfectly for me. Here's how I did it :

1-I opened an image and went into Image->Decrease Color Depth. I picked 256 colors(8 BPP) and I checked Floyd-Steinberd dithering.

2-After that, Image->Palette->Export Palette and I saved it as a .PAL file.

3- I opened the Palette Editor and create a new .PAL_ file with File->New. I used the setting "Import a .pal file ..." and browsed for the .PAL file I create in IrfanView. I clicked ok and it gave me the same colors as in IrFanview.

#39  by Veteran Dark Rain - 6/17/2004 5:38:52 AM

The suite has been update to version 1.4. Get it at Link

Only the sprite editor has changed. The was a bug which prevented you from saving SS.SPR1 from startscreen.mtd.

For those wondering, it's not added support for 16 bit sprites. I've just fixed a special case of file that happens only in that file. I had thought I'd had taken care of it but since I never tested it before, it was buggy.

I'd like to thank Martin Dobias for pointing that one out and giving me precise instructions on how to reproduce the bug.

Have fun modding!
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#40  by Citizen MadMaz - 6/18/2004 12:18:29 PM

It took about a year longer than you originally estimated , but bravo! Looks like a wonderful tool, DarkRain. Great job!

#41  by Veteran Dark Rain - 6/19/2004 10:21:29 AM

Heh, yeah I know. I hacked the file format and sat on them for about 10 months hoping someone else would do it. The reverse engineering was the fun part, writting the tools was mostly grunt work ^_^.

#42  by Citizen Yuri1971 - 6/29/2004 11:17:16 AM

Dark Rain, is it possible to create a new ship model (not to replce an existing one)?

#43  by Citizen Epochalypse - 6/29/2004 12:13:32 PM

Dark Rain, is it possible to create a new ship model (not to replce an existing one)?

Yes Yuri you can. It's an awesome tool!

#44  by Citizen Yuri1971 - 7/2/2004 11:43:51 AM

Anybody (who's not professional artist) tried to create a new model just by modifying an existing one? I mean, if I want to create a new ship (advanced transport, for example), how can I create a model for it that is similar to the model of existing transport and based on it?

#45  by Veteran Dark Rain - 7/8/2004 2:23:15 AM

Update to version 1.5 .As usual, you can get it from :

An encoding bug has been fixed, I'm not too sure how it slipped past me for so long since it was a fairly big encoding error. I'm pretty sure it was there from the start but I still have suspicions it was introduced in version 1.4 .Anyways it's working now, thanks to Horst.

Remember folks, if you don't report bugs, I can't fix 'hem!

#46  by Veteran Dark Rain - 7/8/2004 2:26:14 AM

Yuri : Well I'm not a profesional artist but I'm not exactly a newbie either. For me, getting really good looking ships is really hard without having 3d models to render into the final result.

Of course, nothing stop you from trying to get a more old school look, since it's "easier" without 3d models (which would be interesting IMHO). I'm thinking of the look starships had in old SNES games and such.

#47  by Veteran Dark Rain - 7/8/2004 3:00:40 AM

Edit : yes, the bug was something I introduced in the last version, I just checked, sorry for that!

#48  by Veteran Dark Rain - 7/14/2004 7:43:25 AM

Ok, new update, version 1.6 is done.

-It now support 16 bit sprites.
-A major strip import bug has been fixed. Any image sequence you imported using the strip import didn't use error diffusion as it's dithering method but instead always used the closest color dithering method. That and the images you saw until you saved didn't correspong to the closest color dithered versions.
-A very minor bug in the palette editor has been fixed. When reloading a new palette, the color being currently edited stayed the same if you were editing the color index 0.

Ok, as for the future a new update may or may not be close because I'm going on a two weeks vacation soon. Because of this, I've released it even if 16 bit support hasn't been tested as much as I'd have liked to. Of course, as far as I can tell it's working perfectly. The update assuming there's no bug will be a menu to switch the color depth from 8 bit to 16 bit or 16 bit to 8 bit. Oh yeah, I might even get my ass in gear and get that movie import working.

As usual, get it from Link

#49  by Citizen jalpna - 9/20/2004 3:04:44 AM

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