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Do you still think GalCiv 1 is fun even with GalCiv II out?
758 votes
1- Yes
2- No

re poll: Would you pre-order on-line a Master of Magic 2?
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#100  by Citizen nazrix - 7/12/2004 2:20:01 AM

i concur

#101  by Citizen Shudson66 - 7/12/2004 8:46:01 AM

Yes, please make this game. Even if you have to give it to modes Classic and updated. I agree give me color, let me choose. But take your time do it right. Fine some MOM vet and listen please. Thank you for even consider making it.
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#102  by Citizen PherdnutChiken - 7/12/2004 9:51:44 AM

Given that these guys chose to do a 4X (5X? I forget) game, I'm sure they've got more than couple MOM vets among them. Best thing everybody can do to get this game to happen is to tell all their friends and buddies as well as spread the word in any other gaming related forums that they hang out in.

#103  by Citizen Gyb - 7/12/2004 10:27:32 AM

I would like to offer a counterpoint to the people who argued that "it's all about the mechanics" and "screw the name, just make the game." I, for one, am hungering for a true MOM sequal, not a "MOM inspired" "fantasy themed civ like" game. I want to see the same roster of magicians. I want to see my old friends, the Heroes and Champions. If I don't see Bagtru the Orc Warrior, Warrax the Chaos Mage, and Torin the Chosen One, I'll go berserk!

Tarvok makes a good point. In my perfect world, a true MoM sequel would have some of the same characters, the same town names, the same magic items, Arcanus and Myrror... things you undoubtedly need the license for.

#104  by Citizen PherdnutChiken - 7/12/2004 3:38:25 PM

Fluff stuff doesn't bother me so much as duplicating the mechanics of the game and having all the races in. I mean, come on. That intro cinematic was hokey eveny by 1993 standards. But yeah, I'd miss Jaer the Windwalker myself. I can do without Brax though. Whenever I got Brax, the first thing I did with him was to walk him into a chaos node to get him killed so he wouldn't show up again.

#105  by Citizen LDiCesare - 7/12/2004 5:19:02 PM

Poor Brax. Such a nice dwarf. (sob)

#106  by Citizen Jefferson Washburn - 7/12/2004 9:23:42 PM

I love MoM. I'd definately pre-order the game, even if it was just a graphically enhanced reproduction of the original game.

#107  by Citizen James D Thomas - 7/13/2004 2:55:57 AM

A new Master of Magic title? OMG!! I have waited for years to see MoM reborn. If it was just done to the point of what the changes were like from MOO to MOO2 I would be buying 4 copies to run with friends across LANS and the internet to play!

Just picked up and started Galactic Civilization, and with what I have seen so far, Stardock rocks! Great job all.

sits aside money now awaiting pre-order details for MoM2 and Galciv2...

#108  by Citizen sati23 - 7/13/2004 4:15:03 PM

I would order, but not pre-order. However, whether Stardock would base a fantasy game on the MoM licence or not, I would still purchase it as long as the gameplay was excellent.

I think one of the reasons MoM brings back fond memories for so many people is that it had all the magic ingredients... nothing really seemed 'missing' from the game and all the gameplay elements were rather well developed. More recent TBS games seem to have an ingredient or two that seem to be missing. Whether the magic system is underdeveloped or there are no city-wide improvements, or a far too simplistic combat model, something seems to pop up.

#109  by Citizen PherdnutChiken - 7/13/2004 5:35:31 PM


#110  by Citizen GaRDy - 7/14/2004 7:47:32 PM

That is essentially what we would do. Take the original game and enhance the graphics (3D engine still top down but now you could zoom in and out on the map at will) and give it a good AI.

All it would take I guess, is staying more than true to original colour-schemes etc, etc. But then again, that could of course also just be me, still addicted (secretly), to the first Master of Magic.

Just my 2 cents.
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#111  by Citizen Tiefling - 7/14/2004 10:08:06 PM

I just stumbled across this poll by accident.

I think there are a lot of people out there who would love to see a sequel to MOM and even pre-order but would never look for it on this website.

#112  by Citizen Rillafane - 7/15/2004 1:09:38 AM

I think one of the reasons MoM brings back fond memories for so many people is that it had all the magic ingredients... nothing really seemed 'missing' from the game and all the gameplay elements were rather well developed. More recent TBS games seem to have an ingredient or two that seem to be missing. Whether the magic system is underdeveloped or there are no city-wide improvements, or a far too simplistic combat model, something seems to pop up.

Bloody true, I am afraid.

Gee... I've searched for a true MoM sequel on the net for years, excited by many that might be, but heart breaks again and again. So at last I went for AoW to seek the similar feelings. A good game but never as addictive as MoM. Now I dare not to expect too much....

I'll surely place my order if this project does happen and can do that for my brother and cousin. Know that I am in east Asia, fans of MoM, I think, are worldwide.

#113  by Citizen nazrix - 7/15/2004 8:09:12 AM

I'm from south east asia. MoM addiction knows no boundaries

#114  by Citizen g b - 7/15/2004 9:28:58 AM

For me it would depend on the finished product/what they propose. I trust Stardock's quality and their games are polished.

I would want Master of Magic exactly as it was but with updated graphics and the same or a bit more of everything - a few more spells, races, heros (say like 5-10% more of everything). Multiplayer - not worried about it. MOM has got alot of "special effects" - for e.g. raise volcano, eternal night etc etc and each of these specials spells etc has their own graphical effects.

If it were a "flat" MOM like Civ3 then I'd say no. If it was a "full of life" MOM like the original then I'd say yes.

#115  by Citizen Anglophile - 7/15/2004 10:24:18 AM

I am on the same page as Tarvok and qb; I want the same MoM but more of it, especially bigger maps with more nodes, lairs and opponents. MoM was close to perfect, one just ran out of interesting things to do before the end of the game (given the time taken to research and cast the Spell of Mastery)and the AI was not up to really challenging one once one's empire was fully established and stocked with champions. Better graphics are a given (though in my opinion, not a necessity). A Civ3 type editor would be a brilliant addition.

As for Brax, well since I always played High Elves, Brax was pretty useful since he made stacks of High Elves pathfinding. Double speed in the early game for one's first important stack of units (a bunch of Longbowmen and a melee unit or two when one is an elf)is a critical advantage. And whatever his combat/magic limitations might be, Jaer was the most important hero in my army. With endurance and a couple of magic items enhancing movement, Jaer could get a key stack anywhere (especially over water) fast.

So go for it Stardock; there are a lot of us out there waiting for the ROTK, fantasy TBS genre. I do think that there are both more upsides and downsides for doing a sequel to MoM compared to doing a new fantasy TBS game. MOO3 might have been more forgivingly received had it not been called MOO3.

#116  by Citizen PherdnutChiken - 7/15/2004 11:49:02 AM

Huh? Brax had pathfinding? I thought he only had like one weak special ability. Are we talking about the same dwarf I always tossed? What I really hated about that guy was that if I didn't send him off to his death he'd keep showing up over and over again.

Updating all the spell effects could be a pretty tall order. I think there are something like 170 plus spells in the original. But man would would that be cool. Especially if all the global enchantments had visible effects. I think the smart move would be not to go overboard though.

I like the idea of a full 3D world view and heavily animated (but still turn-based! battles) but I think maybe they should stick to a Gal Civ level of graphics for the first game (if they do it). When it sells collossal numbers of copies they can get people do all that fancy polygonal stuff for the full-fledged sequel.

As it is, general opionion seems to lean towards an update with considerably fewer bug problems and a few tweaks and additions.

#117  by Citizen DaveV - 7/15/2004 12:15:55 PM

Huh? Brax had pathfinding? I thought he only had like one weak special ability.

That would be Constitution, but he also had Mountaineering (as did Bahgtru, another otherwise uninspiring hero). Forestry + Mountaineering = Pathfinding. Also very handy when you play the dwarves, and Rakir or a War Bear could give pathfinding when stacked with a dwarven unit.

It was this kind of depth that made MoM so cool. People who played the game for years can hear about some new wrinkle and say, "I didn't know that!".

#118  by Citizen PrimusPilus - 7/15/2004 1:59:56 PM

Count me in, I would most definatley purchase this game.


#119  by Citizen PherdnutChiken - 7/15/2004 3:51:48 PM

Best thing everybody can do is help spread the word. I've gone to every gaming site and forum I could think of but I'm sure there's plenty more. If you stumbled across this by pure accident than make sure you let whatever peeps you hang with and talk to know about it.

#120  by Citizen Norlion - 7/15/2004 4:49:43 PM

I just hopped over from I put in my 2 cents earlier and voted in the poll, but Stardock want 5k people? Well we've got 500+ in the pool for absolutely. Are you gonna make a list for us to sign or a form to fill out Stardock? Of course we would post the link around the web to get you numbers you want to go chasing after the liscense.

#121  by Citizen Turinturambar - 7/15/2004 6:20:03 PM

I hated the original master of magic!!

Just kidding, of course I loved it like everybody else.

The thing that made it so good was, that the immersion factor was so high. The world seemed so alive with neutral cities/lairs/nodes/rampaging monsters etc. Combined with the huge replay factor of 13 very different races and customizable wizards, and the 5 spell realms the replay factor is immense.

The only thing where it is lacking is balance between races and magic realms, lack of a competent viceroy and some bugs, which are still left in the game.
I canīt think of any actual gameelement, which should be removed.

I still play from time to time and i would definitely buy it, if it had similar gameplay.
I would probably even spend as much as 100 bucks for it, if the gameplay *felt* similar.

And whoever said you could pass up on baghtruu, obviously doesnīt know the importance of the throwing ability!

#122  by Citizen Tsu Chi - 7/16/2004 6:15:27 AM

I tried to play MoM few months ago under my windows 98 but it crushes after some time of running. I would love to see MoM2 made by Stardock. My vote was 'maybe' but after reconsideration i certainly say YES DO IT STARDOCK

#123  by Citizen MaXXXXXuM - 7/16/2004 7:04:41 AM

Yes, I would preorder...

#124  by Citizen Norlion - 7/16/2004 1:00:47 PM

Use DOSBOX to run Master of Master in the current window environment. It works like a charm.

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