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Do you still think GalCiv 1 is fun even with GalCiv II out?
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Got beat to death
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by Citizen CapitalShip - 3/25/2005 3:39:58 AM

I have not played GalCiv in a while so I was a little rusty. Yesterday I gave it a go and let me tell you I got the living daylights beat out of me. Medium galaxy, normal level, and it was the Torians who put me out of my misery. What is funny, I thought I was doing good 80% of the game until the end. I actually thought I was going to win for sure. It was only the Torians and Altarians left. Somehow I managed to piss off the Torians and that did it. It wasn't even close, they walked all over me and I could not do anything at all! I tell you, GalCiv is a tough game but fun that lasts all the way to the very end. In fact I don't ever remember playing a game of GalCiv that was not fun.

#1  by Citizen The big me - 4/5/2005 11:48:19 AM

I've had a few that weren't fun, but usually you can tell in the first few turns. Thank you control-n!

#2  by Citizen Lumen Aeternus - 4/5/2005 3:57:33 PM

I haven't played in awhile either, I'm about to start again. I hope I have better luck than you

#3  by Citizen Excalidan - 4/5/2005 5:21:57 PM

You gotta take the good with the bad. I have had games where it went very wrong. Atleast you can quit and start again!

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