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Will this run on my meager PC?
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by Citizen Artikay - 7/6/2005 3:42:09 PM

Hey, I've been playing the demo of GalCiv and I'd love to buy the full version, the problem is my PC don't meet all the minimum requirements. My PC is only 450MHz, 256 RAM, and 16 Megs of video memory. So I meet al requirements exept processor speed, which is 150MHz below what it should be.

Thing is, the demo runs perfectly fine, but thats on a Small Size galaxy, will it run the same on all sizes, even Gigantic? The only problem I forsee is the game crashing once I'm far into a Campaign and that there is thousands of ships/space staions being held in the system memory.

What do you guys think? Will it run?

#1  by Diplomat Peace Phoenix - 7/6/2005 5:25:20 PM

What do you guys think? Will it run?

I fear that would be very difficult and you may experience slowdon due to turn processing or save game. Even with the minimum requirement a gigantic galaxy will be horrible.

So if you really want to enjoy Galciv, you need to buy a new PC

#2  by Veteran Evil Roy - 7/6/2005 6:22:56 PM

it ran on my P2-433. just avoid the big maps.

#3  by Citizen Artikay - 7/7/2005 7:10:51 PM

May I ask what size maps you didnt have any trouble with, Evil Roy?

I don't even know if I'd be able to finish a game on a 24x24 map, but if I wanted to, I often have access o a much better PC that can hande the game easily.. but I'dlike to know what I can always play on.

#4  by Veteran Evil Roy - 7/10/2005 9:19:07 PM

large and gigantic seemed to slow it up a fair bit. so i'd recommend tiny, small and medium.

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#5  by Citizen Walldorf2000 - 7/11/2005 9:13:12 AM

I don't agree with Peace Phoenix. (This does not happen very often since he's one of the most experienced and helpfull persons here.)

On your PC even hughe should not be a problem. Just gigantic is a bit too heavy in the late game. But you could still give it a try.

You need to switch off all the "follow ship", animate and explosions options.

I personally run this scenario for a long time.

Another tip which helped me a lot on big maps once you got some speed boosters: You don't need to wait for a ship to finish it's movement when you ordered it somewhere. You can safe a lot of time when you directly jump to the next ship with the find button or tab.

#6  by Diplomat Peace Phoenix - 7/11/2005 4:14:47 PM

I don't agree with Peace Phoenix. (This does not happen very often since he's one of the most experienced and helpfull persons here.)

Well, I have bought a new computer in november, and the change was very impressive on gigantic map. (I have slighty better spec than his config at this time)

So yes, it is playable, with all fancy option off. But will it enjoyable on later stage of the games? The main problem I have was the save on gigantic map, and all the time to process AI turns.

#7  by Citizen Walldorf2000 - 7/12/2005 8:05:39 AM

Yes I forgot to mention that you should switch of the auto save option

This is the most important step. Save when you feel it is necessary or when you need to wash you hands anyway

I did only play two or three games on gigantic maps and yes, the turns did take some time in the end game. But I still did enjoy it.

With hughe it was a lot better and I did play many games on hughe with the options mentioned above. And I did have only 192 MB and a K6-III+ @450 MHz (I still have this machine for my kids).

Sure my new computer is much faster and I would not like it to step back. But this was not the question

The question was 'can you have fun on large maps with an outdated PC'. And the answer is 'yes'.

I remember that the situation got better with one of the patches. I guess 1.2?

#8  by Citizen SIR NASTY OF TANG - 7/13/2005 11:58:23 AM

I have a K6 III+ @550 MHZ 512 MB GeFroce 4 440 MX 128 MB and had alot of crashing when i had auto save on
i played tiny, small and medium.any of the bigger size maps and it would freeze up and take all day for the moves for AI so i stayed with the medium most of the time.with this set up medium work the best with less issues then the other bigger maps. i still use this puter to test mods thou.!! had trouble with sound sometimes too! but it might be sound
card. the mic port stop working i think the sound card is going out.

#9  by Citizen Walldorf2000 - 7/14/2005 3:44:09 AM

Hi Nasty,

that's not the game. Your machine is sick

I did not have crashes with hughe maps and my machine had lower specs (see above).

#10  by Diplomat Arturus Magi - 7/20/2005 5:27:44 AM

I'll have to concur with the diagnosis there.

I have been running GalCiv on a P-MMX 200 since the early betas, and have rarely had serious problems (occasional CTDs with some of the beta builds aside, but that's kinda the point of a beta).

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