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1 Planet created 2 Trade Goods in the same month?!
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by Citizen David N Allen - 8/21/2005 9:55:55 AM

We've had our eye on a nearby minor race, the Caranoids, for quite some time. Playing a tiny universe, we know they only have one habitable planet in their only star system. Shortly after the first United Planets council meeting, they cornered the market on both Diplomatic Translators and Aphrodisiacs IN THE SAME TURN. How can this be? Is it a bug?

#1  by Veteran Evil Roy - 8/21/2005 5:56:21 PM

yep, i can't remeber how it's reproduced, but it has something to do with 'buying'

#2  by Citizen Walldorf2000 - 8/22/2005 3:23:55 AM

When you buy one project and finish another in the same turn it is possible.

But minors don't build trade goods since some time ago. I guess you are on a very old patch level, right?

#3  by Citizen InfernalRS - 8/22/2005 7:14:05 AM

Entirely possible, though in more recent versions the minors don't bother with trade goods.

Indeed, it's possible to get two items completed almost every turn- One can be bought during the turn, and one can be completed naturally at the start of the turn. Production always goes to something, even if you've sandwitched the calculation phase between purchases on the prior and current turns.

This is handy to know if you culture flip a planet only to find that the comp stripped it of all improvements before losing it- you need to get those morale and PQ improvements back up and running quickly, so build one while flipping over to others for rush buys.

#4  by Citizen David N Allen - 8/23/2005 11:43:14 AM

My version is has the 1.20 update installed. Should minors still be building trade goods then?

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