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Do you still think GalCiv 1 is fun even with GalCiv II out?
758 votes
1- Yes
2- No

T h e - C a r i E l f - f a n c l u b
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#150  by Veteran wampyre - 6/9/2003 8:21:40 PM

Bobo say to allkinds people: not ignor first paragraph of BlueOcean sayback.Bobo already say him sorry but what BlueOcean say still worth reading.It ok to make fun but not to makefun if peoples get insulted. Bobo say before- have big head, small brain.
Mostkinds people on GalCiv board nice to Bobo. It big stupid for Bobo to insult samekind peoples who nice and not say bad things about Bobo. Bobo read BlueOcean first paragraph and him feel bad. Not feel bad because Blue mean to Bobo-feel bad because Blue sayback true.
Bobo learn good lesson sometimes.

#151  by Veteran MM77 - 6/9/2003 8:47:47 PM




The CariElf fan/chat club is ONE CONTINUES STORY!

WE will NOT step out of charater every time someone NEW pops in OUR CLUB! Or ther would be no club. You would spend all your time explaining what were TRYING to do.

The members and fan have worked very hard with kind, beautiful, clever, and LOVE in thier crafted post.

I feel it DISRESPECTFUL to these people after thier hard work that someone feels FREE to throw a DESTRUCTIVE statment in to were thay must now take time to EXPLAIN thier stance. WITHOUT that person give them the COURTESY of reading before COMMENTING.

In future IGNORE those post.

And for all your great work. THANK YOU.....

P.S. SCOUT VICE PRESIDENT wamprey; You may keep or turn down your rank in OUR CLUB that is up to YOU.

Hope you well keep it. * LOVE from the club *

#152  by Citizen Keith LaMothe - 6/9/2003 8:50:41 PM

Bobo is more wise and humble than most non-apes. You're welcome in the White Council, we would benefit from that... me think Saruman maybe not mess up so bad if Bobo give him advice

#153  by Veteran MM77 - 6/9/2003 9:18:12 PM


---------------SPECIAL PROMOTION --------------


For service ABOVE and BEYOND the call of duty.
In Post # 148 a LANDMARK post.
You are giving the choice of;





Tell me your choice in a post, Remmber if you want FULL TITLE for the Top 10 type somewhere clear ( FT )

AND to ALL V.P.s ----- Today GREAT WORK!

#154  by Veteran MM77 - 6/9/2003 9:43:55 PM

Bobo calling me a teen make me FEEL YOUNG again.

#155  by Veteran MM77 - 6/9/2003 10:47:13 PM


---Less STARDOCK & MM77 - 103 TO 128 -------

---------------- The Top 10 ----------------

1. The Quack # 104

2. Greakken # 125

3. The Quack # 109

4. Blue Ocean # 108

5. The Quack # 122

6. Blue Ocean # 123

7. Greakken # 111

8. Blue Ocean # 110

9. Yellow Sign # 124

10. The Quack # 127

I had to use a short span becuse these are to good not to get props. Just to MANY HARD HITTERS.

#156  by Veteran MM77 - 6/9/2003 10:55:24 PM

----------------INTERMISSION ---------------

----------------- PROMOTIONS ---------------




#157  by Veteran wampyre - 6/9/2003 11:16:43 PM

MM77- Bobo already say him sorry. Many times more than need. Bobo think MM77need to take him own advice and read posts before making big mouth noises. Bobo not like to see MM77 make same mistake Bobo make. When kitty make poop peoples spank kitty quick quick. Not many days later when kitty not know what smacking for. That kind of like MM77 making noises after Bobo say sorry many times. Maybe more sadder if MM77 not want or care about apologies.
Bobo thank MM77 for not making him courtmarshall, but kindly turndown offer to scout vp.. Bobo not want to ruin CariElf fanclub.
Bobo say to Keith-what means White Council? Sound interesting.
Bobo say to all others-him hoping all have much big fun with fanclub. Me love you long time.

#158  by Ambassador Ray the Wanderer - 6/9/2003 11:20:27 PM

Bobo, the White Council is an Empire on the Metaverse.
We would love to have our very own Ape Wizard on our council. I assume wampyre lets you play around with magic sometimes, does he?

#159  by Citizen Blue Ocean - 6/9/2003 11:39:40 PM

This is DJ Blue Ocean spinning your nightly hits at W.C.a.r.i.E.l.f. 104.6a, but before we continue to our regularly scheduled musical nirvana, I want to send out a SPECIAL THANKS to a bunch of people.

First, a special thanks to CARIELF, because you're the best! Or course, who else would I thank first!?

Second, I would like to thank Bobo and Alakh R. Dowd, for keeping OPEN MINDS! You guys are awesome!

Also thanks to MM77 for YOUR CONFIDENCE IN ME. I APPRECIATE it. I'd like to be Battle Sensor Drone VP, if you don't mind. It'll keep my head from inflating too much.

Now, back to the music that fits your lifestyle! We've got a hit from The Foo Fighters, "Everlong." I know you guys are gonna love this song, it's so soft, and so very lovely. Just like a special someone we all know!

I've waited here for you

I throw myself into
And out of the red, out of her head she sang

Come down
And waste away with me
Down with me

Slow how
You wanted it to be
I'm over my head, out of her head she sang

And I wonder
When I sing along with you
If everything could ever feel this real forever
If anything could ever be this good again

The only thing I'll ever ask of you
You've got to promise not to stop when I say when
She sang

Breathe out
So I can breathe you in
Hold you in

And now
I know you've always been
Out of your head, out of my head I sang

And I wonder
When I sing along with you
If everything could ever feel this real forever
If anything could ever be this good again

The only thing I'll ever ask of you
You've got to promise not to stop when I say when
She sang

And I wonder
If everything could ever feel this real forever
If anything could ever be this good again

The only thing I'll ever ask of you
You've got to promise not to stop when I say when
She sang."

Everlong . . . such a wonderful mix of two beautiful yet very sad words. I feel such a bittersweet pain in my heart every time I hear this song, and I think that you guys are all feeling it too. Everlong, the time I would wait for her . . .. Well, enough of that, this is Battle Sensor Drone VP/DJ Blue Ocean here, keepin' it real for all your CariElf related musical needs! Keep it tuned here as we rush towards the darkness of night, and the wonderful deepness within . . .

#160  by Veteran Killa Koala - 6/9/2003 11:51:33 PM

Thanks Bobo. I was going to say more but everyone has stolen my thunder. And Bobo's apologies were obviously heart-felt.

So what I will say is that the CariElf Fan Club has been good clean fun, by people who DO ACTUALLY APPRECIATE CariElf and the fantastic work that she and other Galciv people do in the game. MM77 has been a very loyal President, and handled the Bobo mischief with exactly the right response. No post in the thread has gone overboard and a lot have been really quite witty. Where else on the board has poetry been written? And we wouldn’t have known about Momzilla otherwise. And CariElf actually does read this post!

I think that any kind of fun interaction in the Galciv community is good, whether or not it reaches high literary standards or whether or not we are discussing really important issues such as the Metaverse and how masochistic tiny games don’t score logarithmically when compared to Alliance victories etc.

So keep on posting Fan Club members!

#161  by Veteran Killa Koala - 6/9/2003 11:53:19 PM

Mind you, the CariElf top 10 is harsher than the Metaverse. I don't even rank here anymore! Am I still Terrorstar Vice President?

#162  by Veteran MM77 - 6/9/2003 11:57:21 PM


Post # 151 - Is for future ref. To our memmbers. NOT aim at YOU or Bobo.

Post # 62 ;



I have been speaking to BOTH of you seperately.

P.S. I would never SPANK Bobo. I like me to much.


#163  by Veteran MM77 - 6/10/2003 12:06:19 AM

Christopher Packer,

YOU should know BETTER than that.

YOU will ALWAYS be the TOP V.P.


#164  by Veteran MM77 - 6/10/2003 12:28:10 AM

BOY do I DESERVE a RAISE after this DAY. To think of ALL the WORK I have to do is CRAZY!!! Just think about the time I had to...bla....bla....bla.......AND if that wasn't ENOUGH ...bla....bla....bla....And WHO could forget the TIME I...bla....bla.....bla....And what ABOUT....bla....bla....bla.....YES being PRESIDENT can be a THANKLESS JOB but CariElf, STARDOCK and OUR G.C. FAMILY makes it MORE than WORTH WHILE.


#165  by Veteran wampyre - 6/10/2003 12:56:26 AM

Bobo say ok MM77. Everybody allkinds happy now. Bobo say him happy be vp scout. Wampyre say him not be in fanclub-him not smart like Bobo so he say Bobo be in club instead.
Bobo like to join WhiteCouncil but only one problem: Bobo stinky bad at GalCiv and him scores so low him thinking not even make list on Metaverse. Bobo not want to bring WhiteCouncil down.
Bobo try to play fanclub game now. Him pretend him DJ playing songs for nicey nice peoples. Bobo hoping not laugh at.

"Wondring aloud how we feel today
Last night at the sunset, my hand in her hair
We are our own saviours as we start-both our hearts beating life into each other.

Wondring aloud-will the years treat us well?
As she floats in the kitchen, I'm tasting the smell
Of toast as the butter runs
Then she comes, spilling crumbs on the bed
And I shake my head.

And its only the giving that makes you
what your are."

And there you have it ladies and gents, a little ditty from Jethro Tull for all you sentimental romeos out there who are just a bit... long in the paw. Up next after these few words from our fine sponsors: Mickey's Monkey

Bobo try. Him go now

#166  by Ambassador Ray the Wanderer - 6/10/2003 1:01:54 AM

The only way you are going to bring the White Council down (not that we really care) is to have a negative score (apparently it is possible).

Well, I'm not going to post anymore of this empire stuff in this thread. Let's just sit back and enjoy the music.

#167  by Citizen forceinfinity - 6/10/2003 1:29:44 AM

The only way you are going to bring the White Council down (not that we really care) is to have a negative score (apparently it is possible).Well, I'm not going to post anymore of this empire stuff in this thread. Let's just sit back and enjoy the music.

*makes a grunt sound Tim Allen would make, and you see several question marks over my head*

#168  by Citizen jus4golf - 6/10/2003 3:08:29 AM

Jus4Golf's Top 5 Reason's CariElf Should Win The Nobel Peace Prize

5. Has never once asked why my middle name is 4.

4. Forced to pretend she loves others as much as me because it's her job.

3. Has never killed Frogboy for saying "Kiss me and I turn into a Prince".

2. We can't give it to Bobo he's scared to fly.

1. Has better hair than Ghandi.

                       Posted via Stardock Central
#169  by Veteran TheQuack - 6/10/2003 3:47:25 AM

lol, about the geek thing - i just remembered the scene from South Park when the kids are all dressed up as lord of the rings characters, they walk past some other kids dressed up and playing games, and ask what they're playing - they say harry potter. Cartman just laughs, says "Faggots!", and walks off. (cartman's dressed as gandalf, btw.) What's the point of posting that? Well, it's funny is all! I'm sure I had another point, though... oh, yeah. There's people who'd call us
geeks cause we can turn a computer on, and uber-geeks who'd say we're not worthy of the title. It doesn't matter. Let's all learn a moral lesson from South Park and realize we're all the same. Of course, the same episode taught people not to mix up porn videos with movies you give your kids to watch, but that's another story.

@mm77 - Wow, that top 10 took my breath away. I, I don't know what to say. I'd like to thank the Academy,
and everyone who's supported the work of independent writers. If it wasn't for you, none of our work would see the light of day, so thank you! Thank you all!

Bobo didn't ruin this thread. It was fun before, and it's still fun. Now that everyone knows it's for fun, we can take it even further, and CariElf (hopefully) won't get freaked out. Admittedly, I lost my train of thought for a bit, but I'm back on board now. So, let the trash talking recommence. All spam cannons, lock on target! Clear for range! Fire for effect! Impact in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

(final disclaimer: all shells are blanks. as a great australian once said, "i love yas all").

WELL, mister sensor "ooh ooh violence is BAAAAD" drone, what sort of VP are you if you don't even know the club rules? HMMMM? Your honor, the prosecution directs the court's attention to rules 3 and 4 in the constitution:

3. Fighting over her .... A MUST.

4. If your not a fighter a KIND word will do.

Yeah, that's right, it's fighting first! Okay, if you can't fight cause you're a week-kneed GEEK (omg j00 l4m3r!!!), then a kind word is "acceptable". Good enough to get back seats at the convention, maybe even within 100m of Her Highness herself! But she'll be on the stage with one of us real men, and the other real men will have front row tickets! I don't know who'll win, but I'll be a lot closer than you'll ever get!How'd you like them apples?

Oh, oh, you'll run away in your SILVER CAMRY and she'll be impressed! omg you have a car! wow! that is so rare! are the local girls impressed by things like that? my robot was a personal creation! what does your car say about you? "duh, well, i went down to the car yard, and i liked that one, so i bought it." I don't need any gimmicks, mate, I'm tip-top! I'm a champion wrestler, world-class boxer, hey, I'm sleek - slicker than slick! (you aussies know what I'm talking about, hey?)

(hears the audience booing)

Oh, come on! You love the bad guys deep down! We've had enough soft-core pansy shit, this is a rock station! LET'S ROCK! I say there's been too many "kind words" and not enough fighting! It's rule 3 time, I've got my wwf wrestling gear on, and the music's fired up!

Buddy you're a boy make a big noise
Playin' in the street gonna be a big man some day
You got mud on yo' face
You big disgrace
Kickin' your can all over the place

We will we will rock you
We will we will rock you

Buddy you're a young man hard man
Shouting in the street gonna take on the world some day
You got blood on yo' face
You big disgrace
Wavin' your banner all over the place

We will we will rock you
Sing it
We will we will rock you

Buddy you're an old man poor man
Pleadin' with your eyes gonna make
You some peace some day
You got mud on your face
Big disgrace
Somebody betta put you back into your place

We will we will rock you
Sing it
We will we will rock you
We will we will rock you
We will we will rock you

Right, I'm up here, I'm pumped, I'm good to go! Who wants a piece of me?

1st rule: No-one talks about fight club...

#170  by Veteran Killa Koala - 6/10/2003 7:12:10 AM

Well Quack, there was once a time when I DOMINATED the top 10. However, just like Galciv, you are only as good as your last post. I fear my poetry can't compete with rock lyrics. *Shakes head* Oh, and my Wordsworth poem posted weeks ago was titled "Perfect Woman" too, so top that!


Thank you MM77.

#171  by Senator CariElf - 6/10/2003 1:49:22 PM

Nah, you people don't scare me. I know it's all in good fun, and I have to say that this thread is highly entertaining.



#172  by Citizen Yellow Sign - 6/10/2003 1:57:59 PM

Do you not recall that CariElf claimed that she didn't like evil? That she preferred healers in RPGs? That she never plays the bad side? Do you think your VIOLENCE tactics are going to IMPRESS her?

I've been thinking about that a lot. Look at the face beneath this posting: It says I'm chaotic-evil. Just yesterday, I enslaved the population of the Kaiki-system and sold virtual-reality-modules to underage-Tolarians. I thought this makes my position in this club a risky one... and now, it is the second time that I make the first post after CariElf, to make it even worse... do you have any advice?
[Message Edited]

#173  by Veteran MM77 - 6/10/2003 5:42:00 PM

FOOLS, My plans are comming alone NICELY! These GEEKS think this is ALL for FUN!...With thier FAINT HARTED post of LOVE. I WILL woo CariElf with the REAL DEAL she'll well have no CHOISE but to fall in LOVE with ME! And FINNALY! I WILL BE WITH MY TRUE LOVE!!!...

Bha....ha..ha..ha......HAY! WAIT! is that MIC on AGAIN!!!!.......

#174  by Veteran MM77 - 6/10/2003 6:04:03 PM

The Quack,

In reguards to Post # 169

You S%#! Head! Don't say S%#! say S%#! REMMBER ther may be some people that MAY get OFFENED by YOUR MOUTH!
You stupid f#&! HOW in H$!! did YOU become a BATTLE CRUISER VICE PRESIDENT! WHOS LIPOP! did YOU SUCK!!!.......

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