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Calling all Trekies and Trekers
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#25  by Citizen Nastavnik - 1/13/2004 10:46:34 AM

Thaks Mr Spook. Will do as you said. It's a pity though that we cannot submit those games.

#26  by Citizen Merilokki - 1/13/2004 12:03:28 PM

All trekies why not check this out: Link

#27  by Citizen Arcilte - 1/13/2004 12:24:00 PM

All trekies why not check this out: Link

Doing so now.

#28  by Veteran Primipilus Alexus - 1/13/2004 12:30:54 PM

You might also like these....

mp3 at Link
lyrics at Link

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#29  by Veteran Primipilus Alexus - 1/13/2004 12:43:56 PM

And these...

A version of the "trekkin" video - big.... Link

and these other parodies - some are remarkably tasteless - cf "Spok removes his genitals" Link

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#30  by Veteran Primipilus Alexus - 1/13/2004 12:46:56 PM

And there's this one too... Link


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#31  by Diplomat Blue_Steel - 1/13/2004 7:14:34 PM

I know.... ppl just like taking the Trek.. anyway they can.. It crosses all bounderys...

Come on and Sign up.. don't be a Closet Trek fan... come out into the open.. and sign up for the adventure of your life..

#32  by Citizen hut101 - 1/13/2004 7:36:54 PM

"How illogical to be in a closet"

If you need a suggestion for a Star Trek name just ask. Just leave a short list of Star Trek characters you like and I will see what there is.

"I wonder what happened to my evil twin brother Spuk?"

#33  by Diplomat Blue_Steel - 1/14/2004 5:25:10 AM


Qwerk is buisy wondering what king of test "M" has planned..

The Enterpwize isn't ready to move on.. Becaise with only having 2 crew on board the best speed we can muster is 1/2 impulse power...

"Dam it Spook... where is Potty (Scotty)... we need him to to find out what "M" has done to the warp core.."

"Spook.. I need you to... try to muster up some sort of crew.. we are like sitting ducks out here without any... go down to BS1 (DS1) and see if there are any StarFleet personel who have a hankerinbg for Andevture"

Spook" A sitting duck in space captian... that is illogocal"

Qwerk" dam it Spook its an old earth expression... Mut you take everything to litterally.. I thought you had studieed earths history"

Spook "Captian.. Earths history yes... their illogical ideas no..."

Qwerk"Well Spook it look like we have a bit of extra time onour hands.. I suggest... you.. brush up on my race if you are going to be my first officer.."

Spook"But.. Captian.. thats illogical as I already am your first and officer and only officer at this point in time"

Qwerk: " there you go Spook... you just made a joke of a serous situation.... I knew that the human side of you was still in there.... No dam it... Find me my crew"

Spook lifts an eyebrow as he spins around in his chair from the compuser screen to face his captian.. bemused at the captians lkast comment.. Not sure that he liked it...

Spook then trying to contain himself tried to see some logic in it.. but alas the captian was right he was half human.. and he hated it.. no matter how he tried to to "Logicamise" things sometimes his "Ill-logical" feelings kept getting hooked..
Just like the last comment the captian said had just increased is bloodpreasure by 1/2 a % and he couldn't think of a logical reply.. except...
Spook" Captian.. I'm scanning the area you refer to as BS1 for any signs of our crew but there is no sign of them as yet.. It doesn't help things to get immotionaly swamped with the situation.. there is and always has to be a logical cause and remedy to every situation..and i'm doing my best.. but without knowing all the facts I can't be expected to perform flawlessly.. It'll take time captian.. Just be patient"

#34  by Diplomat Blue_Steel - 1/14/2004 8:44:19 PM

{Bump} Still looking for Crew

#35  by Citizen hut101 - 1/14/2004 9:04:37 PM

I have changed my name to Mr. Squatty. I hope mayito7777 will become Spook some time.

"The warp engine"""Aye, that could take some time.""Give me a few days and I'll have her up and running."

We need a blog to create our own story without the long threads.
[Message Edited]

#36  by Citizen Jaws the Wayfarer - 1/14/2004 9:08:49 PM

I went to see the complete works of shakespeare (abridged) last night where 3 actors did all the parts..

Until you get your full crew why not keep changing your names to progress the story line

just and idea

#37  by Citizen hut101 - 1/14/2004 9:10:59 PM

That might be slightly hard but I think Squatty can act as weapons officer and pilot. However I shoudn't try for surgeon. Things might be improved even if they were never ment to be.

#38  by Citizen DTan4321 - 1/14/2004 9:14:53 PM

I think I found an empire for me...

#39  by Citizen hut101 - 1/14/2004 9:17:27 PM

"Aye, these pipes are all messed up. They will never do. Out with the new, in with the tested and true." Now that will work.

#40  by Citizen hut101 - 1/14/2004 9:23:55 PM

Welcome Redshirt. We have great retirment benifits.

#41  by Citizen DTan4321 - 1/14/2004 9:26:52 PM

As long as I don't beam down... or we don't get boarded... or we don't need to transport anybody who likes to hurt people... I should be fine!

#42  by Citizen hut101 - 1/14/2004 9:33:12 PM

"Don't worry about meeting anybody soon. We are stuck in space without working engines and no science officer to tell us where we are."

#43  by Citizen DTan4321 - 1/14/2004 9:36:34 PM

It's perfectly obvious where we are. We're in outer space... I'm not sure about the specifics though.

#44  by Citizen hut101 - 1/14/2004 9:40:16 PM

"Are you sure? Better check anyways to make certain"

#45  by Citizen DTan4321 - 1/14/2004 9:44:57 PM

Well, on the port side, it's black with little white lights. Same on the starboard. We're either in space, or in a big black box surrounded by Christmas lights. Perhaps if Mr. Squatty reconfigures the sensors to check for light bulbs we can be more certain.

#46  by Citizen hut101 - 1/14/2004 10:01:03 PM

Squatty reconfigures sensors to scan for light bulbs. Then relizes sensors are damaged. Then fixes problem several hours later(Or at least on the time clock). Then relizes the screen could have a better resolution so he takes the screen out and put a new one in. He then relizes he could have just gone over to the box looking device at the science station to scan the space around the ship directly. "No light bulbs but a lot of little dots"

#47  by Diplomat Blue_Steel - 1/15/2004 4:59:48 PM

Qwerk "Welcome aboard.. ummm... wait.. don't tell me...
ummm.... its not a........ its not a........."

Spook "I believe the workds you are looking or captian are REDSHIRT #3 ..."

REdshirt #3 looks nervis...

Querk "hmmm.. well yes... I know your a new recruit.. i'll call you ... ummmm...... its on the tip of my tongue...."

Qwerk screems waving his arms around begging Spook to put his phaser down... "arghhh....... no Spook it was another figure of speach.... thers nothing realy on the end of my tongue"

REDSHIRT#3 "cowers away under the helmsman's station..

Spook "Sorry captian... ... " holding in his human side again Spook holds back a flush od embarasement.."

QWERK : "Squaty" how are the transporters going.. replicators.. are they working yet... ( Qwerk remembers the old days when there were no such things replicators... Gee he wonderd to himself just how did CPT Parcher (archer from Enterprise.. the series) alsowonders what eve happened to him...without him there would bee no starfleet} I need my cupa coffee... now where was I ... ahhh yes.... Redshirt#3 once Squatty has the replicators fixed pls bring me a strong sweet long black.. also when Squatty has finished repairing the transporters you will beam down to DS1 andsee whats keeping the rest of the crew..... Oh and until furthe notice you are our temporary helmsman,communications person... (Qwerk didn't like giving promotions easily to his general crew... )

#48  by Citizen hut101 - 1/15/2004 7:23:01 PM

"Aye, the repairs are going nicely but without a picture of the outside of our ship I don't know how to begin with external repairs."
We need a picture of the outside of our ship . It'd be cool to have pictures of our imaginary ship.
"As for the replicators, well there ready but I don't know what the side effects are of my repairs."

#49  by Diplomat Blue_Steel - 1/16/2004 12:54:15 PM

hmmm.... ok which ships will we have..

heres a little history how all the generations got together..

after Janeway really broke the time continium ruls to go back in time and save the crew of the voyager.. the time continium really got stuffed up... and we all ended up in a time flux and appear in the same time zone... this is also why we are appearing at different times and not all at once... but be carefull as we could just as mysterously disapear back to our own times at any time ( ie: when ppl leave the empire they've been transported back to their own time) Just imagine the pandamonium... this is also why only one person from starfleet can be in the empire at any one time.. otherwise they would cease to exist... only the first incarnation would servive..

{Maybe i've missed my calling... maybe I should be a sci-fi / fantasy writter ... }

Hope this helps sort out some of the idiosyncroctiys of this strange but falimure and loved empire

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