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Calling all Trekies and Trekers
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#75  by Veteran MM77 - 1/18/2004 10:02:25 PM

( M Appears )

Because I don't have a logo DOSE NOT MEAN I DON'T have a EMPIER


( M is gone. )

#76  by Diplomat Blue_Steel - 1/19/2004 12:52:36 PM

Qwerk: {thinking to himself) .... hmmmm.... me thinks i've found a weakness in "M" .... Time will tell... I'll have to put it to a test to make sure....

If i'm right he ISN'T as Omipotent as he appears... yes... time will tell...

Qwerk give out a little smirk on his face... and says out loud "Yes ... time will tell"

#77  by Citizen hut101 - 1/19/2004 2:22:06 PM

Squatty: {thinking to HIMself} "We desperately need a psychiatrics on board this ship or we will all loose our minds."
“The ship should be up and running shortly as soon as we teach the replicators to make pizzas”
“As for the website, that should be done in a few days.”

#78  by Diplomat Blue_Steel - 1/20/2004 3:24:24 AM

EEEEEEK !!!!! our Recruiting msg thred (well at the moment out main thread) just droped onto the 2nd pace.. Off the first... so {Bump} get back up there... How are ppl supposed to know that we are looking for our crew if its burriede under all this onter notices (forms, red tape.. etc...) .. Please we need your help.. help us locate our missing crew.. (yes that could include you.. if you are a trekie or treker or simply like startrek) there is a StarTrek mod under construction as I sppk to help give GalCic more of a StarTrek Flavour.. here is their Link
we also have an empure web page Link Our Empires anthum is "Star Trekin'" Not to mention that our storyes (small rpg like encounters.. eg:n I type something someone else types a responce atc... and so on it goes..) are good for the soul and heart.. as they are very funny at times..

So Come on down to Link and Sign up for the greatest experience of a livetime

(taken out of retirement one again.. to save the future of man kind..)

#79  by Citizen Nastavnik - 1/20/2004 5:57:34 AM

I think the Prometheus class requires a minimum of some 50 people.

Hello Captain, Mr.Squatty,

I was under the impression that just 2 holograms were enough to manoever that ship. Are you certain you are both who you think you are

I think I just gave myself away as a trekkie...

Nice ship by the way

By the way, have you tried the ST Mod Captain?
[Message Edited]

#80  by Diplomat Blue_Steel - 1/20/2004 6:17:57 AM

Yes... i'm using the mod.. looks very good and promissing.. its not finished yet though..

hmmm... Qwerk goes back through the history logs .. for starship Voyager.. under the command of Painway .. "Your Right... I do seem to recal.. that Painway did send theie EMH through a transmission back to the Alpha quadrant to a Promethous class ship.. and that only the EMH's were active onboard and that they did thwart an enemy... Please correct me if i'm wrong.. after all i'm only human and my brain isn't what it used to be back when I was a mere captian on a 5 year mission to explore the unknown.."

#81  by Citizen Nastavnik - 1/20/2004 9:22:10 AM

i'm using the mod.. looks very good and promissing.. its not finished yet though..

And have you had any problems submitting, or you haven't tried recently?

Please correct me if i'm wrong.. after all i'm only human and my brain isn't what it used to be back when I was a mere captian on a 5 year mission to explore the unknown.

Yes you're right. I guess somethings (like cognac, and sometimes brains) can get better with time . It would seem you still have many years of exploration in front of you. And of unknown exploration, since the universe is still expanding. I wonder where (or in what) it expends though. Any idea, based on your observations during your star "trek" ?

#82  by Diplomat Blue_Steel - 1/20/2004 9:34:06 AM

I havn't had a chance to submit yet.. but i do keep saving and retiring to check for anomolous scores.. and havn't run into any problems yet..

As forwhere it expands to.. I duno... maybe all the black holes out there are sucking enough stuff in to make up for the expansion... ::

How about joining us and helping us find out whats out there.... ???

#83  by Citizen Nastavnik - 1/20/2004 9:39:07 AM

As Cmder Wolf would put it, "Sir, my first duty is to my fellow ringers" (well that's not exactly what he said, rather an adaptation).
But I do gaze at the stars from time to time, hoping one day I'll make it out there
[Message Edited]

#84  by Veteran Terl - 1/20/2004 9:42:19 AM

Just remember, JT, that nothing can ever go wrong. If something bad happens "out there", always remember, it is either M or a holodeck program gone awry.

#85  by Diplomat Blue_Steel - 1/20/2004 9:44:44 AM

The only ring I sware by is the one in the seat of my pants.... its never let me down yet... ::

All trekies/trekers welcome.. and are invited to join... before they all get conscripted back into StarFleet...

Come out.. come out where ever you are....

#86  by Citizen Nastavnik - 1/20/2004 9:57:02 AM

The only ring I sware by is the one in the seat of my pants.... its never let me down yet... :

But you cannot really have a fellowship around that one, can you ? (if it is a "yes" don't tell: as your Dr bashfull would say, "I don't need that particular image running around in my head..." ).

As you can see, I've seen my share of episodes...

#87  by Diplomat Blue_Steel - 1/20/2004 10:03:22 AM

Join us... you kniow you want to... and besides I need you... I need you alll.....

#88  by Veteran Terl - 1/20/2004 10:10:44 AM

These are the voyages of the Starship Enterpwise. It's continuing mission is to explore new worlds, meddle in their internal affairs (while stating we do not), sleep with strange alien women, and every once in a while knock it around with the Cling-ons.

#89  by Citizen hut101 - 1/20/2004 11:55:17 AM

The new official home page of the Star Fleet Empire: Link

It is currantly under construction and most of the links are dead. I should have all the page done in a few days.

As for the next patch for the Star Trek mod with alien races images. I am not sure when I will get done with that. I put it off hoping some one could answer my question about how images relate to the alien races. What name goes with what picture and what is the file name of that picture. It would help alot if I could know that since I can't play the game do to computer problems.

[Message Edited]

#90  by Diplomat Blue_Steel - 1/20/2004 12:32:07 PM

Mr Squatty,

If you Email the login details for the website i'll help you build it and update it

#91  by Citizen hut101 - 1/20/2004 7:13:20 PM

Ok, I sent it.

#92  by Citizen hut101 - 1/21/2004 9:04:27 PM

The number of people playing the Star Trek mod is up to about 4 and there has been a total of about 15 people sign up to help out with the mod. If you wish to help out go to the link below and leave a post asking to join the group. Link

#93  by Citizen Wild Wombat - 1/21/2004 11:07:52 PM

Psst...wanna know the truth about the Metaverse? Read this! Link

#94  by Diplomat Blue_Steel - 1/22/2004 1:32:53 AM

Well according to that article... WE aren't even In it... tyalk about propaganda.... sheesh.... There's the run rebelion (used to be ANZACS) Special forces (or the Special Fops.. :: ), Gross, FOTR, is there anyone i left out.. Oh yeag.. the American president and Arny.....

But we didn't even get a mention

#95  by Diplomat Blue_Steel - 1/23/2004 9:47:53 AM

Ok... after over 24 hours of work.. I've totaly refashoned our Empire's web page.. Let me know If anything doesn't work .. here is the link.. AND I WANT COMMENTS. and CRITASISMS... please

and if its no good i'll put the old one back up

here is the Link

#96  by Veteran Theoden of Rohan - 1/23/2004 10:04:03 AM

Cool website! It looks a lot more like Star Trek than the other one.

#97  by Diplomat Blue_Steel - 1/23/2004 10:07:08 AM

thanks... it was designed to retain the look and feel for all resolutions 800*600 and above... although on 1280*1024 it looks pretty empty... so yes it does look better at 800*600

#98  by Veteran Theoden of Rohan - 1/23/2004 10:09:32 AM

I'm 1024 x 768 and it looks fine.

#99  by Diplomat Blue_Steel - 1/23/2004 10:12:11 AM

thanks again Theoden

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