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Do you still think GalCiv 1 is fun even with GalCiv II out?
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Calling all Trekies and Trekers
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#125  by Citizen Genghis Hank - 9/3/2004 10:17:13 AM

That's great! Welcome back to the land of the living (or at least the land of the active)!

BTW, you may want to post this and similar messages in the Star Fleet Empire thread in the empires forum. By agreement many months ago, the emprie threads are supposed to be allowed to die in the main forum. You can find the new thread here: Link

#126  by Citizen wirefire2 - 3/25/2005 10:47:58 PM

Hey all, I'm new to GalCiv but I'm already a junkie. Then I saw Star Fleet Empire....

Crewmen wirefire2 ready to serve Captain!

#127  by Citizen Weyrleader - 3/26/2005 8:52:05 AM

Hey all, I'm new to GalCiv but I'm already a junkie. Then I saw Star Fleet Empire....Crewmen wirefire2 ready to serve Captain!

You might want to go to the Empire threads - see button on left - and post in the Starfleet thread and let them know. Also, go to the Metaverse page and select empires and go to the appropriate empire page and it will tell you how to join that particular empire.

#128  by Citizen OrangeP - 3/29/2005 5:07:56 PM

Hi yall. I'm a real star trek fan whos been in clans for all the major ST games out there. My clan whent down so I got this game an am glad to see there is Star Trek here. I hope its ok that i joined the empire

#129  by Diplomat Blue_Steel - 3/30/2005 4:43:41 AM

sure... we are always looking for Fres meat... oops...Raw Recruits... opps a few good men ...

#130  by Citizen OrangeP - 3/31/2005 5:57:40 PM

lol thanks I'll get us some points for the metaverse soon.

#131  by Citizen beaglegod - 4/18/2005 8:42:59 PM

Just joined the starfleet! at the recomendation of Mr. spook. So how exactly do empires work? Are metaverse scores used by empires for ranking purposes as well as a means to say "mine is bigger than yours"! Only 3 days with this game and Im luvin it. I havent played anything in a long time that made 3 hours seem like 10 minutes, wish I had heard about it sooner. Any way hope the empire stays alive long enough for me to have some fun here.

#132  by Diplomat Blue_Steel - 4/18/2005 11:14:55 PM

the Empire is here to stay

Welcome Aboard...

We've just taken Third Place ... we have a long haul to take 2nd... I know we can do it... it definatly won't happen over night but it will happen

we come in Pease.... shoot to kill.. shoot to kill....

Congrats everone.. and a heart felt thankyou for helping Starfleet one of the TOP 3 Empires in the metaverse

#133  by Citizen UnderLord1 - 4/19/2005 12:59:05 AM

The star trek mod i downloaded a couple of days ago it is pretty good i think the ships could have a little bit of work done to them but other then that it is a good mod...its in beta right now so help get it out!

#134  by Citizen Vhaerun - 10/16/2005 11:18:47 PM

Greetings. Just joined this evening. Been playing for a couple months now and joined the metaverse a month back. First empire that I've joined.. hope to earn you guys some good points.

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