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#75  by Senator Drengin - 10/30/2004 7:05:12 PM

Torbird can you please check the following: -

start up your GC game and then start a new game.

Once the game loads press the [escape] key. This brings you to the options section. On the right of the screen you will see a list of options that finishes in Background loading Yes/No. Slightly above that is the option to enable mods. Ensure that this is set to Yes. A pop-up screen will then inform you that this will not take affect until you next restart the game.

That is all there is to it Any problem please email me

and i will do my best to help.



#76  by Citizen Flop157th - 11/14/2004 5:23:22 PM

I am trying to get into the library but keep getting a page can not be processed error. Is there another way to get in?


#77  by Citizen Moser_Alchemist - 11/16/2004 6:25:45 PM

The library is back up, but it won't sort by "all" anymore. It instead gives the "improvement" sorted list.

#78  by Veteran Cosmic Fox - 12/1/2004 10:38:34 AM

I bet you did not extract them to your desktop? Some mod designers do not zip up the files correctly. (Maybe do not know how not knocking anyone) If you look I suspect all of the mods are in their own folders! Check your Mods folder to verify?

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#79  by Citizen Chippoka - 12/1/2004 4:44:34 PM

The Galciv Library has now been updated with all the newly submitted 'mods' If you are looking to start using mods for the first time, there are some great new mods in the library. If you have any questions about installing them, please feel free to post your questions here. I am aware that this forum is not the 'mods' forum! However, I believe that if you have a newbie question about installing a mod, you should be able to get your answer from a single thread. So please ask away I will also add a 'featured mod' section to this thread, which will be updated whenever a new mod that stands out is submittedMindshock

Thanks. I should have investigated this ealier. I'm surprised there are so few mods in the Library, but I like the simple "Drengin Music at Lower Volume" mod... it was too loud. That aught to have been a patch.

#80  by Veteran Icho Tolot - 7/1/2005 9:46:06 AM

Is it possible that the library update is dammaged? when I try to upload my Big Pack (only 15MB) I get a blank screen

#81  by Citizen Vhaerun - 10/16/2005 11:47:57 PM

I've been trying to use mods now for a few days but I'm having difficulties. I don't see a Mods folder in my GalCiv folder, and even when I create one, it doesn't seem to load.

I've tried looking in the prefs file for 'enablemods', and there is no field. I also don't see one in the options screen. Just above 'Background Loading' it says 'User Defined PlayList'.

I am running GC 1.4. Anyone help?

#82  by Citizen SilentAlfa - 10/19/2005 1:34:25 PM

Maybe you need to have AP installed.

#83  by Veteran Cosmic Fox - 1/20/2006 2:27:50 PM

Vhaerun, there is an option after you run the game for the first time. Called "enable mods". This has to be on in order to use any mods. There is a folder called "Mods" you can use to install your choice of Mods into rather then the main directory. This way you can choose if you want to play a normal game or use the Mod.

Contact Darth, myself or any of the old time players, any of us will gladly try to help you out. Email or visit my site NeoTech Gaming someone there may be able to help as well. The Galactic Core Link has a lot of old time players too aid you. Be sure to stop in there as well.

One thing is for sure this community is always friendly and helpful.

No it is not an issue of not having or installing the expansion Altarian Prophecy.
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#84  by Senator Drengin - 1/26/2006 9:08:43 AM


Welcome to the game

To create the folder for temods to go in you must first start the game, then go to the options screen and click the checkbox next to 'mods' (you will find this on the right hand side. Then close down the game and restart it again (this is not always neccessary but some have had to do it). CLose down the game once you have got into the game screen and go to the folder where Galciv is installed. You should now see a new folder calld 'mods'. all the mods you cam download need to go in there. If you are not sure where to place the mods in the sections available there is a comprehensive guide available over at the Galactic Core.

Should you also have the Altarian Prophecy loaded you can still add all the mods into the standard mods folder as the game checks this folder first!

Any questions please feel free to ask. I dont spend that much time over here these days as the Core takes up most of my spare time



Or try: -


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